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Adam Meis
United States
Current Residence: colorado, usa
Shell of choice: turtle turtle
I feel like it will involve a field, and a city
and cars, old trucks
with wooden side rails probably
and bout three other people, perhaps whom I just met in a dream
me thinks we will be going to the City
the City
for some strange reason
probably to get a truckload of dried fruit
but then something will happen to the car
and we won't have any money left over after the dried fruit
so we will have to join a bicycle race
to win money to buy a tail pipe for the truck
but then, betty, one of my companions, will get injured during the race
but Anchor will win
Anchor will win
and we will have to go find aloe vera to help Betty
and then we will find an apple tree in the middle of the city
in fact, the apple tree will be down an alley
anyway, then we will munch on some apples
but not normal boring football, city football that is played on the streets
that would be so much fun
there are all kinds of weird rules
oh, it is actually more like soccer
like once one team scores three points the other has to carry hockey sticks for a round,
not hitting other players with them of course,
but then we will suddenly be in a skyscraper lobby, with elevators
those are important for some reason, even though they don't do anything
cause they are broken
they are Broken
and in this lobby we will switch out the tailpipe of the truck
and munch on some dried fruit
but the other guy, the unnamed one, will say that we shouldn't eat it
cause we are supposed to take it back
take it Back
so we will argue for a little while
and then fix the tailpipe
then we will go to a downtownish place in the City,
the City
and find a fire hydrant
which will fall over,
when we touch it
revealing that it wasn't connected to the water pipes
which is worrisome
so we will have to go to the fire station and tell them
but they won't be there, because they are all gone
for some reason
and there will be a sign that says that
they are "out to lunch, be back at one"
so then we will go down the street, and find some abandoned old building
but it is getting late, so we will spend the night in it
we stay up all hours, drinking orange juice
the place is dimly lit with only seven candles
plus two battery powered lamps
and we will talk
and drink orange juice
and we will talk
and drink orange juice.
  • Reading: these are my old words, from a long time ago

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